Health Awareness

Health Awareness

makerShekhar Chugh createdon06-06-2019

Health is the physical and mental well being of a human being. Health is one of the most important things considered in different industries around the world. In comparison to traditional day strong persons, modern day youth and adolescents lack strength, easily get tired while performing day to day activities and failed to live for longer periods.


Modern Day human beings spend luxurious lifestyle and have become slave of machines. Therefore, in order to get better health and live happily, they go to gym and invest a large amount of money on exercise machines, health supplements and other things.


Why Good Health Is Important?


People with all types of budget require good health. No one likes to be sick and want to rest on bed. Because, it is because of good health, we play cricket, we travel to U.S.A, we walk and perform all different things of the live.


If a person earn 2 crore rupees but lost his right hand, he would never be happy. He will never think about the earned incentive but will think how he lost his right end. Therefore, a person with all body parts well maintained is the most richest person in the world.


Good health is important in order to

  1. Person daily life activities effectively

  2. Live a longer life

  3. Support friends, family and society

  4. Become a role model for others

  5. Achieve goals of life


Thus, it is important that we should always think about our health and try to perform only that activities that helps in becoming fit and healthy.


How To Become Fit And Healthy??


Maintaining health and fitness is not a rocket science. Anyone can achieve better health and live happily. But certainly there require some type of awareness for achieving/maintaining better health.


If a person need to prevent himself/herself from harmful diseases, he/she

  1. Needs to avoid fast foods/processed foods that contain a large amount of chemicals, preservatives

  2. Need to perform workouts or low cardiovascular exercises such as walking, running etc on a regular basis

  3. Need to eat a balanced diet that contains a proper amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, nuts and fats. The things that help to form a healthy diet include green leafy vegetables, fruits, chicken, eggs, fish etc

  4. Need to change his/her lifestyle and become less dependent on machines and gadgets

  5. Need to eat all the three meals of the day and need to avoid a habit of eating a large amount of foods in the night

  6. Need to take a proper amount of sleep e.g at least 7 hours in a day

  7. If go to gym, need to maintain a balance between nutrition and training


   Wrapping Up


   No doubt, health is wealth. Good health is pretty much necessary to perform and enjoy all     the things of the life. Anyone can maintain better health by specifically focussing on two things 1. Nutrition 2. Exercise/Training.


By making a proper workout plan and following it regularly, you can maintain fitness and prevent yourself from dangerous health diseases such as cancers, heart disease etc.


Therefore, eat better, think better and live better. Have a happy life