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Tekdis Technical Solution UK

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Industrial Computing

 Industrial Computers are work for offering high reliability and long term availability in various form factors. You can get the availability of the Industrial Computing solutions including System on Modules (SOMs) to Motherboard to Embedded Box as well as Rack Mount computers.


In this regard, it's worth considering Tekdis that offers a wide selection of all form factors of industrial computers. It has developed a reputation for building complete solutions to suit customer requirements. Experience and know-how to utilise correct storage, communication modules (LTE, WLAN) makes them even better. Besides, the team can license/image with operating systems before shipping.


Models integrated Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) find use to connect to IP cameras or RFID readers. In this regard, DIN Rail mounting is common, allowing easy mounting into cabinets and routing of cables.


The popularity of AI processing is rising, and Tekdis can offer different levels of processing. Built-in Jetson or Xavier modules based units also incorporate the MXM based Nvidia GPUs or PCIe expandable.


Range of displays: Open Frame Monitors with optional touch, LTE Gateways and Industrial Networking products give a remarkable range of benefits.


Industrial Computing is found is growing in terms of popularity in every industry, from industrial automation digital signage, speed cameras, machine vision to emergency service fleets. Assistance to find an Industrial Computing solution is available from the team. Besides, you can get custom made units that suit your requirements.


A highlight on the Embedded Computers/PCs


Embedded PCs refer to the high-reliability PCs offering a range of interfaces. Besides, you can also get the form factors to suit different applications. The microprocessor or microcontroller-based system, an embedded computer, is a specially designed unit aimed at performing specific functions. Larger systems, embedded computers work in the form of a combination of hardware and software. You can utilise them in many daily-used objects, including cameras, cell phones, automotive systems, etc.


A DIN Rail mount, 19” Rackmount unit, Fanless box PC based Embedded PCs provide peace of mind computing. What makes Industrial Computing Solutions incredible is that you can use them in the harshest environments. The biggest range of Embedded PCs in Melbourne and Sydney come with various options, including the models from Axiomtek, IEI Integration and Nexcom Mobile PCs


Embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs)


Embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs) mark the availability in the range of form factors. You will get the availability of the CPU and IO options to suits a wide variety of applications. The smallest PICO to ATX built with IO connectors direct to the PCB gives enhanced support.

COM Express, SMARC, alongside the Q7 sized System on Modules (SOMs), is designed for plugging into a carrier board. The connection is using the high-density connector, and the IO provided from the carrier board. What makes the service even better is that you can get the PICMG suitable for backplane based designs in rack systems.


Rackmount IPC chassis


Rackmount IPC chassis from Tekdis and IPC enclosure ranging from 1U to 6U is built for systems with slot expansion. These units are aimed at supporting rackmount installation.






Types of CPU



  • ARM-based


ARM Processors with the RISC architecture require fewer transistors than complex instruction set computing architecture. Some models usually have x86 processors. Reduced transistors ensure giving rise to lower power consumption, lower cost and heat dissipation. Attractive features like the light, portable, battery-powered devices are guaranteeing the competitive advantage. These units are including smartphones, laptops and tablet computers. Besides, there is also the availability of the other embedded systems. Tekdis, with the variety of arm based modules and single board computers, is aimed at supporting Linux and ANDROID OS.


industrial computing





AMD and Nvidia can ensure providing the alternative support to the CPU and GPU solutions to the Intel range of x86 CPUs and chipsets. High-performance GPU solutions from AMD ensures satisfying the needs of demanding graphics applications like digital signage and gaming. Leading supplier of embedded AI processors, Nvidia brings products ranging from the NANO, TX2 and Xavier modules. You can also get the availability of the GPU options in MXM and PCIe card format offering the highest level of AI processing. That said, these are the ones ranging from 1080, RTX2080, 1050, Tesla and Quadro models. Nvidia GPUs are also gathering popularity among Robotics, License Plate Recognition (LPR), Advanced Driver Advisory Systems (ADAS), 

and Intelligent Machines.


industrial computing


  • Atom/Cel/Pent


Intel’s processor, Intel Atom, is a type that belongs to x86 and x86-64 processors. Atom processors are the units fit for use in compact and small devices. That said, they are portable in smartphones, tablets, and mobile Internet devices. With the Celeron and Pentium processors, you can get the scope for the next level of performance, thus offering economical hardware and Windows IOT licensing. You can also get a plethora of Celeron and Pentium processors offering a significant level of graphics performance. Well suited units to single-screen digital signage as well as other GUI based applications turn out to be even better.



industrial computing



  • i3/i5/i7


Core i3 processors come with the availability of two cores, Core i5 CPUs that is the one having four-six cores while you can also get the Core i7 models with eight cores. It’s worth noting that the higher the CPU number, the higher the clock speed as well as the boosted performance. Differences in the amount of cache and type of interfaces also become an issue at types with the associated chipsets. I3 CPUs are the ones that can come with economic applications. In this regard, you must note that i5 is mid-tier, and i7 is the highest spec. i5 or i7 CPU is fit for applications requiring extensive decoding, processing, and graphics performance. I3 and i5 work with the assistance of the Windows IOT Value license, while the i7 CPU requires a High-End License. Mobile computing, industrial automation, digital signage, and security rely on such units.


industrial computing


  • Xeon


Xeon, Intel brand of x86 microprocessors can be the ones functioning better with the non-consumer workstation, server, and embedded applications. The pinnacle of x86 processing with the cores and clock speeds makes them even better. You can get the availability of the Xeon processors supporting error checking and correcting memory. That said, these are the units that prove to be stable and less prone to data corruption.


industrial computing



Brands for Embedded PCS/Computers


Tekdis has been the pioneer in the field for the range of embedded computing boards. Respected Taiwanese manufacturers Axiomtek and IEI Technology are shining worldwide now. Axiomtek, a leading design and manufacturing unit in the industrial computer and embedded field, has product lines including system on module, single board computer, embedded board, embedded system, industrial barebone, human-machine interface, medical PC, network appliance, touch panel computer, industrial network, and digital signage.


IEI Technology products are the ones that find use in computer-based applications. Factory automation, networking appliances, computer telephony integration, security, systems, AI, IoT (Internet of Things), transportation, national defence, emergency services, communication base stations and medical instruments makes them even better.


Highlight on the Features of Industrial Computing8th/9th GEN CPU


You can get the availability of the Core series embedded motherboards with 8th and 9th Generation CPUs. The highest clock speed and IO options, range of i3, i5 and i7 models make them very significant.



  • 9~36VDC Vehicle Use


Mobiles applications based battery-backed environments operate from a wide input voltage. 9~36VDC in this regard covers most automotive and industrial installs.


industrial computing



  • NVidia GPU


Nvidia, a leading supplier of embedded AI processors, excels in terms of the NANO, TX2 and Xavier modules. MXM and PCIe card features the GPU options format offering the highest level of AI processing. You can get the, ranging from 1080, RTX2080, 1050, Tesla and Quadro models. Robotics, License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Intelligent Machines, Advanced Driver Advisory System (ADAS), are famous.


industrial computing




  • AI Processing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming up with a series of computing solutions. FPU/GPU in these units is the best for handling a large number of calculations. Machine learning, License Plate Recognition, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driverless vehicles, and robotics also gives perfection. Tekdis, with years of experience with levels of Nvidia AI hardware, turns out to be even better. You can get the availability of the units from TX2, Xavier to RTX, Tesla as well as Quadro series.



  • Fanless


Fanless PCs prove to be the units that are critical for installations with levels of dust or dirt. You can consider the ideas regarding the cooling of the PC dissipated by conduction through air flowing over the unit. The remarkable part is that you can get the availability of the Fanless PCs allowing silent operation and fewer moving parts. These are the units that will be giving you higher reliability. Fanless PCs prove to be the best units that are popular for digital signage, mobile computing, industrial automation, and medical applications. Expanding the fanless range with new models work on the principle of incorporating the latest CPUs, interfaces and level integration.



industrial computing




  • IP67 Rated


Various levels of Ingress Protection (IP) in such systems ensure the suitability for the different applications. IP67 is the basic requirement for systems exposed to dust and water. With IP67, you can rest assured of no ingress of dust and immersion. You will be getting the availability of the units like the mining, military abattoirs, and traffic control that are working on the principle of the IP67 rating.



industrial computing




  • Box


Form factor and mounting method based on Embedded PCs are common. “Box” PC but Tekdis, which is popular with the term DIN Rail mount and Rackmount embedded PCs, are gaining high popularity. You can get the availability of the Box PCs deployed in any application like cabinet vehicles, digital signage displays, enclosures, or industrial applications.



industrial computing


  • CAN module


Controller Area Network which is also referred to as the CAN bus, refers to the robust serial vehicle bus standard. This is the module specifically designed to allow microcontrollers to communicate. Automotive and robotic applications based units that you can get from Tekdis comes with the availability of the mPCIe, M.2 and PCIe CAN bus controller cards are the best fit units for the various protocols – J1938, ODB II. You can also get the availability of the host drivers conforming to OPENCAN and SocketCAN.


industrial computing



  • 1U Rack


The 1U rack chassis is the best fit for systems that will be needing the installation of single expansion cards. You can get the availability of the range of 1U rack chassis supportive of the range of backplanes and processor cards.



  • 2U Rack


Chassis popular options will be the best fit for the installation of multiple expansion cards; storage also ensures giving the standards. From the Tekdis, you can get the range of 2U rack chassis supportive of a wide range of backplanes as well as processor cards.



  • 4U Rack


Popular options for the installation of multiple expansion cards turn out to be the most effective. You can get such a setup from Tekdis, offering a range of 4U rack chassis supporting a wide range of backplanes and processor cards.



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Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless innovative products and solutions help in the connection of thousands of businesses to critical data and millions of people. Our customers always trust us because we have been developing the products and services that get them to the market faster and can, in turn, also help in saving lives while increasing the business efficiency and improving the bottom line. You can start with Sierra Wireless for the delivery of the new technological solutions that are streamlined deployments and also take advantage of all the promises the IoT offers. That said, Sierra Wireless offers Industries a comprehensive portfolio of 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G models and gateways. All of them will be good enough for seamless integration with the secure cloud and connectivity services. Be ready to get the delivery of the new technological solutions with the integration and certification support for the full line of the routers and gateways.

Sierra Wireless



What does Sierra Wireless do?

Sierra Wireless is now building the internet of things. Sierra Wireless sells the machine to machine as well as mobile computing communication products that will be working over the cellular product. Sierra Wireless like 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile broadband and wireless modem router and then as well as gateways alongside the tools software and the services. Sierra Wireless gives the opportunity of building the internet of things that can be innovative with confidence. Be ready to get the market faster with the realisation of the return on investment in the form of the perfect iot partner innovator and expert. We can make sure about taking the complex situations and making them simple with the unique devices. Besides, you can also get with the secure cloud services and the Global connectivity with the cloud. Tekdis can make sure everything simple scalable and Secure IoT module, communication as well as wireless solutions. With us, you can get the embedded solutions 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, LPWA wireless module.

The wireless equipment hardware designer and manufacturer

It is well known Sierra Wireless is the number one winner of the cellular module in the world. Sierra Wireless have been supporting the open-source initiatives and the products that will be sold directly to OEM as well as indirectly with the help of the resellers and distributors. Sierra Wireless has been specialising in IoT solutions providing innovative products to manage the connectivity, data as well as services that are easily embedded with the Bluetooth Wi-Fi cellular Technologies.

Lot Modules- LPWA, 4G, 3G, and 2G Networks

To simply IoT journey, the Sierra Wireless Ready-to-Connect IoT modules ensure providing best-in-class security, connectivity, and scalability. Module series provide embedded smart sims able to connect to global networks instantly. You can also get the open-source mangoh® reference designs, plus optional edge processing for faster development time. Besides, it guarantees an overall lower bill of materials.


Common flexible form factor (CF3®) design uses the same ring across HL, RC, and WP Series of modules. That said, you can get support with consistent pin-out and software interfaces. Easy migration between technologies and future-proof product designs makes it even better.

CF3 Module- the highlight

1. LPWA, 4G, 3G, 2G Modem

Fallback variants keep deployments connected. Be ready to deploy anywhere on any cellular technology. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can rest assured of industry certifications to get to market faster.

2. Embedded SIM

Simplify IoT journey with Ready-to-Connect modules allowing easy access to the best coverage.

3. Edge Processing with Application Framework

Reduction of the system complexity and BOM is now the best for enhancing security. Leveraging an application processor running the Legato® framework is the best.

4. Built-in GNSS Receiver

Enable tracking and other location-based services with the assistance of the IoT applications without having to add more components and complexity. You can get the availability of the 5G NR Sub-6 GHz, 4G LTE Modules.

Networking Modules High-Speed for 5G currently available

Industrial-grade PCI-SIG® standards-based modules, alongside the OEMs and System Integrators, are easier to integrate wireless WAN. You can also get support with mobile computing and networking device platforms. Plug and play connectivity with the fastest 5G and 4G networks; connectors modules give bandwidth, excellent speeds, and network performance.

Main Features

5G NR Sub-6 GHz, 5G NR wave,  and 4G LTE electronic equipment/modem

Secured connection at the highest possible speeds and deployment anywhere globally with ultra-low latency is possible now.

Network Switching

Switch Networks anytime with carrier-specific profiles.

Built-in GNSS Receiver

Turn on tracking as well as location-based services. Do that with dual L1 and L5 bands for higher accuracy.

2G, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-Advanced Modules

Connecting Next-Gen Smart Cars is possible with Automotive-Grade Modules.

Sierra Wireless



The AR series proves to be more than a cellular modem. Automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers use a secure device-to-cloud architecture with the help of the AR for building a Linux-based TCU (telematics control unit). They can do it with just a single module.

Automotive-grade modules meet the highest quality standards:

TS-16949 certified Automotive-grade manufacturing

Automotive quality processes (PPAP, 8D, FA)

Low target PPM rates and

Tolerates extreme operating environments, like thermal shock cycles

Availability of wide operating temperature, from -40°C to over 85°C

Benefits and Features: AR Series

ARM core application processor comes with dedicated Flash, RAM running Legato®. That said, it works for increasing security, lowering system complexity while reducing overall BOM

·Keeping the connectivity optimised

·Security  with FREE unlimited firmware over-the-air (FOTA) upgrades

·Enabled tracking and location-based services. It is possible with GNSS receiver

·Secured booting and value-add firmware for the lifetime

·AR Series Interfaces include USB, SDIO, SPI, I2C, UART, HSIC,  ADC, GPIO, and PCM

·Pre-integrated airvantage® into the Legato platform guarantees secure device-to-cloud architecture3g. The support is there for 4G LTE Modems

IoT Gateways and Modems

Be ready to integrate rich and usable IoT data into your business applications. Do that quickly, and be ready to connect new systems and services. Also, you can extend the life of existing products. Programmable IoT gateways alongside modems provide the easiest option to integrate wireless. There won't is the need for carrier certification.

Two product series:

FX Series, which is perfect for adding intelligence at the edge, works for collecting IoT data and delivering value-add services to customers.

GL Series ensures securely connecting existing or new systems to any cellular network in the world. Also, get access to remotely monitoring them in the field.

FX30 Programmable IoT Gateway

This proves to be one of the best units that will be working in the form of the regard as well as the smallest Programmable 3G 4G LTE cellular Gateway. It can ensure providing you with an integrated secure embedded application environment that will be tightly integrated alongside the cloud. The remarkable part is that it will be allowing the swift scalable as well as global deployments of the IoT applications for the machine infrastructure that is connected.

Sierra Wireless




·The programmable unit ensures providing a secure Linux-based programming environment for building custom IoT applications.

·Get purpose-built units that will be fit into the Machines and infrastructure equipment meeting the harsh industrial environmental requirements.

·You can get access to the Global 3G 2G market with the help of a single product. It will be available to the 4G LTE with the full hardware as well as software compatibility.

·It is flexible hardware expansion alongside the IoT connected while giving the comprehensive built-in interfaces for allowing the easy connection to the system.

·It works with the free firmware over the air services

·It can ensure the acceleration of the data-driven transformation with Octave the security integrating the unit into all in one edge to EDGE solution for the cloud for connecting the industrial assets

Sierra Wireless FX30 Series Benefits

·The units prove to be highly Programmable. That said, it will be integrating the open-source Linux platform the simplifying the application level development alongside the secured Framework.

·The feature-rich development environment, as well as maintenance of a Linux distribution, turns out to be the best. That said, you will be getting the opportunity for efficient sea level programming while making the core component FX30 for the distributed IoT systems.

·Industrial grade units turn out to be the best ones for experiencing the super performance in harsh environments with a small rocket aluminium form factor.

·You will be getting the standard MIL-STD 810 standard for the vibration as well as mechanical shock.

·This is one of the best units that will be operating even in extended temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius to over 75 degrees Celsius.

·Overall it turns out to be the ideal embeddable solution for the industrial machines the pre-certified for the larger deployment kind of the unit.

·It will be meeting a wide range of Global regulatory as well as industrial standards.

·It is the scalable as well as the extensible unit cell that will be available with the 2G 3G 4G LPWA as well as 4G Cat 1 support.

·Overall it ensures offering flexibility with both the Ethernet as well as a series.

·FX30 will be supporting the IoT expansion slot for allowing the range of the hardware extensions

·Now Octave also enables the effect 30 for automatically connecting with the automation equipment with the help of the protocols.

·Low power of the makes FX30 makes it one of the best because it will be working the best with the Ultra low power mode

·It ensures offering the best in class low power consumption that is also suitable for Solar and battery-powered applications.

·FX30 with Octave allows the secured extraction orchestration as well as acting on the data from the edge asset to the cloud infrastructure

·It will be giving the best in class out of the security measures, which will be including mutual encryption authentication, network Firewall as well as adaptive threat management.

·Smart connectivity is one of the best ways for the maintenance of a secure and reliable connection for mobile machines and assets, no matter where they are located.

·Support of the plastic SIM, as well as future support for the embedded SIM, turns out to be one of the many benefits of the FX30, providing the ultimate flexibility for the Global deployment.

GL Series: Essential IoT Modem

GL Series: Essential IoT Modem

Now you can get the availability of the series that will be essential for the Global connectivity and connection of the products with the help of the serial or USB high-speed interface. It can also ensure the small form factor that makes it easy to integrate with the products and has always been the best. You can also get a quick connection and sending and receiving of the data remotely.

Sierra Wireless



Highlight on the features and benefits

It will be helping in connection with the products ensuring Global coverage with the industry and the mobile network certification.

It can also ensure during the industrial-grade compact design with embedded TCP IP stack.

The lower power ensures supporting around 0.8 ma when it is in sleep mode and also the 8ma when it is in the active mode.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Modules for the Internet of Things (IoT)

These industrial-grade short-range modules allow OEMs and System Integrators to get integrated with advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication. Get the integration with several products. These hostless short-range modules that are fully certified involve integrated antennas and software stacks. They do that with simple UART interfaces.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo Modules

Features and Benefits -BX310x

·Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4ghz, 1x1 SISO

·Low Energy Dual-mode simultaneous Bluetooth 4.2 and Classic Bluetooth. It comes with backwards compatibility.

·A hostless module works with regulatory certifications and an integrated antenna (BX3105). That said, it works for easy integration (BX3100 comes with a connection for an external antenna)

·Bluetooth Stacks with simple UART interface ensuring Embedded TCP/IP support

·Supportive of multiple connections to external Codecs. Get support with UART, I2S, I2C, and SPI interfaces.

·Secure boot and value-add firmware. Get that with FREE unlimited firmware over-the-air (FOTA) upgrades. Get support for the entire lifetime of the module.

·Flexible form factor (CF3®) Future-proof common enables flexibility and scalability in designs. You can get support across cellular technologies.

·BX310x shares suitability for any development with the development of the most secure connection to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can get that in a single module, including:

Home Automation and Security

Personal Health Devices

Building Automation

Street lighting dual-mode Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy Module

Dual-mode Bluetooth

Tracking and Telematics

Industrial Equipment

Features and Benefits: BC127

·Dual-mode is fit for Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), helping in transmitting high-quality audio and data.

·Embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack ensures working with simple UART and GPIO interface guaranteeing command and control.

·The hostless module comes with regulatory certifications and an integrated antenna.

·Supportive of the multiple connections to external Codecs. Get support with I2S, PCM and SPDIF interfaces.

·Input and Output are available as Digital or Analog audio

·BC127 is fit for development requiring high-quality Bluetooth audio streaming. Besides, you can also get the dual-mode solution to connect to BLE enabled Smart Phones alongside  Classic Bluetooth Smart Phones.

Typical applications:

•             Smart Phone Controlled Accessories

•             Dual-mode Wireless Gateways

•             Wireless Docks and Sound Bars

•             Wireless Speakers and Headsets

•             Intercom Push to Talk Gateways

•             Remote Controls and Smart TVs

•             General Bluetooth Controllers

GNSS Positioning Modules

Get the availability of the Ultra-compact, low-power units always delivering high-performance GNSS tracking. That said, industrial-grade GNSS modules allow OEMs and System Integrators to add location-based services.

Ideal applications:

•             Fleet Management

•             Timing Synchronisation

•             Personal Tracking

•             Navigation

•             Usage-Based Insurance

•             Drone

Sierra Wireless Solutions:

Many organisations are now relying on the mobile workers that are requiring access to the same tools that will be available at the office whether they're in the vehicles, on the move or the remote or the temporary work sites. The workers will be getting their ability of access to the tools anytime and anywhere. You will get the availability of a large mobile workforce is, and organisations will be needing to know the location as well as the status of the mobile assets for better management of the operations.

The highlight on the different vehicle solutions for the networking

Mobile multi-network security

All the mobile networking solutions are now providing the consolidated and device to the enterprise data security for the mission-critical applications as well as the mobile assets in the vehicle area network. Overall you will get the availability of the AirLink routers as well as great ways that are offering around ten concurrent VPN sessions while enabling secure, secure Communications for the multiple banking systems. They are always providing remote authentication management so that the Enterprises will be getting the availability of the grid systems that can ensure access control to the devices in the field for the multiple network environments. It is always good to connect the AirLink connector manager that will be working in the form of the mobile optimised VPN server, thus providing secure mobility as well as the sub-standard base in advanced network management.

Cloud AirLink management system

You can get the availability in the cloud AirLink management system. This is the system that will be the centralised, secure cloud-based Network and Asset Management solution that will be designed for both fixed as well as a mobile deployment. It is supportive of the over-the-air registration, configuration as well as updates for the complete portfolio of sharing gateways as well as a router. There is the availability of the variables, including the signal strength, Network Technology as well as the location that can be monitored as well as managed with the help of the remote access to the maintenance of the connectivity of the up-to-date units of the entire deployment. They also find a display on the dashboard. Besides, they're a custom alert system that will be set up for monitoring and reporting critical events and increasing efficiency by preventing downtime. Be available for delivering the message free to us for the deployment with the devices or in the enterprise.

Mobility manager is yet another system that will be working in the form of the leading edge in network management solution that will be allowing the simplified remote as well as a real-time mass configuration. It can also ensure the control and troubleshooting of all the vehicle AirLink routers as well as getaways. Mission-critical applications with the connected mobile set can ensure the up-to-date view of the entire fleet while delivering the continuous stream of rich and real-time network data. It can ensure allowing the users to observe, track and cross-examine the behaviour of the hundreds of the networks connected devices vehicles parameters as it is occurring. Overall it will be available in the form of the enterprise data centre or the cloud system.

Telematics as well as tracking Gateway

Overall you will be getting the availability of the Genx wireless systems that will be providing effective and up-to-date wireless location method enabled equipment for telematic security as well as sleep service organisations. All of them are aimed at offering computing services as well as solutions to the end customers. It the highly configurable as well designed for servicing a wide variety of requirements. The solutions are always ideal for mobile resource management, vehicle tracking as well as other location applications and services.

Highlight on the AirLink Technologies

What is AirLink?

In simple AirLink is the technology that doesn't rely on satellite for telephone services. It will be rather working for the data communication between the two points. Also, it is referred to as fixed wireless. Unlike the traditional copper as well as the optical fibre transmission, these are the ones that will be working through the air over a Terrestrial microwave. It turns out to be quite cost-effective but will also reach more customers. Especially the people in the rural areas will be getting the plenty of the facilities for having the infrastructure to support the traditional cable or fibre services.

Sierra Wireless



Highlight on the AirLink Technologies

You can get the availability of the Air card that is the USB modem for the 4G networks. They are fast, flexible, as well as good looking.

Availability of the Sierra wireless

Built with an AirCard with the end customer ID in mind, Sierra Wireless can give advanced support. You can get the availability of the new USB modem for the 4G network that will be giving the truly mobile Lifestyle for customers while allowing them to always get access to the notebook, computers online from anywhere and will be giving the signal with the performance units while also offering surpassed communication with the home broadband connections.

Highlight on the purpose-built unit for vehicles

You can get superior greater reliability as well as uninterrupted operation because it will be available for the AirLink routers. Gateways that will be developed with industrial-grade components are impactful as well. All of them require no external power conditioning as well as a safeguard in their cooperation with the utilisation of the built-in battery charge protection. There is the availability of the AirLink router as well as gateways. All of it will be designed for operating in extreme temperatures.

Highlight on the connected vehicle awareness

You will be getting the availability of the routers as well as Gateway support alongside the instant insight into the field applications, mobile assets as well as the workforce. All of them will be designed for increasing efficiency.

Reducing costs or prevention the downtime

All of them will be the best fit for offering the built-in physical input-output support for the AirLink vehicle unit. Overall you can get the support with the gateways that will be having the ability to monitor the hundreds of devices, networks as well as connected with parameters in real-time while creating custom alerts and event triggers and reports.

Highlight on the high capacity vehicle area network

You will be getting the availability of the routers as well as a Gateway that will be providing the LTE-advanced connectivity and also has gigabit Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet support. Overall it will be building the complete portfolio of the mission-critical broadband applications for working at the same time. Such a setup works faster from the vehicle and better than before. They will be offering assistance for simultaneous clients and can be working perfectly for the connection of the multiple mission-critical applications in and around the vehicle. Currently, they are always supported, but around 21 LTE frequency bands worldwide are there.

Highlight on the cognitive link management

You will be getting the availability of the router as well as the gateways using the patented cognitive wireless systems for providing the multiple intelligent networks switching and will also deliver secure, manageable as well as high-performance connectivity to ensure the mission-critical applications and support of the multiple wireless networks like the LTE-advanced public safety broadband as well as the gigabit Wi-Fi. These units are supportive of the best in class link protection for ensuring they offer secured connectivity for all field applications as well as a mobile asset.

Availability of the enterprise routers and networking

The distributed enterprises are always made up of hundreds of thousands of the branches like small office key or retail stores. Connectivity to the overall enterprise network turns out to be quite a critical downtime cost for the typical retail outlet, even with the 99.5% landline. Availability of such units can be more than $1 million per year. You will be getting support with the Sierra wireless that is having an enterprising networking solution that is quick to deploy as well as simple to manage.

Highlight on industrial networking

You can get the availability of the remote real-time monitoring control as well as a management that will be significantly enhancing the operational efficiency as well as effectiveness. It is fit for an organisation that are having a highly distributed asset as well as critical infrastructure. When it comes to the industrial world, you will be getting plenty of options for controlling and management.

The significant enhancement operational efficiency

All of them will be impressive because the single minute of downtime will be adversely impacting the customer's operations as well as revenue. That said, there's always the need for the deployment of a secured, reliable as well as a high-performance industrial networking solution that will be vital for the business. You can get the availability of the Sierra wireless AirLink industrial 2G 3G 4G LTE as well as an LTE-advanced router as well as a Gateways that will be working for the delivery of the best in class connectivity. It will work with the combination with intelligent management monitoring as well as remote asset machinery as well as critical infrastructure. Overall it comes inclusive of the smart grade pipelines, Smart City infrastructure industrial equipment as well as automation and the control systems.

A highlight on the industrial Technology

You can get the availability of the most rugged routers in the field from when LTE connectivity AirLink router in the form of class 1 and to with the die-cast aluminium housing that is sealed for meeting the IP 64 for the distance. They're resistant against dust and the water, thus providing the truly great solution for both the fix as well as mobile applications that will be requiring the industrial-grade equipment that will be delivering the field-proven reliable LTE connectivity to the remote locations. Such units can be fit for eradicating health hazards as well as harsh environmental conditions. All of them will be good enough for certified operational  LTE bands internationally. Around 2 million units deployed worldwide are running on such foundations.

Highlight on the Ultra lower power

You can get the availability of the specifically designed to operate kind of the Limited power sources that will be working with the routers and will be consuming less than 1 watt in idle mode. Overall they are the best in class for power consumption. This feature is what makes them ideal for the battery as well as for the applications. You can get the availability of the options for the 2G 3G deployment. When it comes to migrating to an LTE router, AirLink always are able for working with the existing power infrastructure. So there is always never a need for investing in replacement equipment. You can get the availability of the standby mode protection power sources. It will be dropping the power consumption to around 53 Mili watts. This can also be triggered by timers that will be working with the low voltage protection for the input-output system.

Programmable; Intelligence at the Edge

You can get the availability of the router that will be Programmable with the help of the ALEOS Application Framework. Overall it is the best to fit for enabling the intelligence at the edge of the network. It can also ensure the delivery of the secured Linux based embedded application environment for building their efficient IoT systems. The open-source Linux platform can ensure offering Expendables connectivity with the support for the external interfaces. It comes inclusive of Wi-Fi Ethernet, dual serial and uses the built-in input-output. The routers can be the best for the extension of the total life of equipment deployed in today's wireless networks. All of these will be working for the supportive framework of The Legacy protocols.

Highlight on the advanced network management

You can get the availability in both the Cloud as well as enterprise data centre. There is the availability of the AirLink manager as well as the AirLink Management Service ensures enabling the remote real-time configuration. It can update central control over the entire fleet of doctors. Overall they work for the creation of the customer leads and event triggers. The converter for offering the demand of dual historical reports for the in-depth analysis as well as a Diagnostics ensures the best results. All these units are focused on the delivery of a continuous stream of rich, real-time data so that the users can consider the analysis of the behaviour and parameters of the hundreds of the AirLink router connected devices as well as a field application when they are occurring.

Leading-edge security

You can get the availability of the routers that will be enabling the secured communications to the multiple backend system services offering the concurrent VPN solution. They are the fit for allowing the implementation of the enterprise systems for controlling access to the devices in the field. For that, these units ensure providing remote authentication management. The protection of the devices against unwanted Malware also makes them the best. All such routers ensure working secured live with the help of assigning and authentication of the software that can offer software upgrade process.

Highlight on the public safety solutions

You can get the enhanced connectivity acceleration collaboration ensuring accountability and the increased safety.

Highlight on the industrial Technology

You can get the availability of the most rugged routers with field connectivity. Here is the list of benefits.

Increased safety

Get the real-time situation updates with the real-time communications with the field of first responders as well as dispatching that are always on the acceleration of the collaboration. Be ready for getting simplified and speeded up collaboration between the other first responder, organisations, officers as well as the command Centre.

Personal ensuring accountability

Use the data, audio, video and vehicle telematics, all of which will be aimed at communication and archiving situation the insight into real-time.

Highlight on the law enforcement

You can get the availability of the connector law enforcement officers who can get access to the background data as well as video surveillance. Whenever it comes to the router for the full document events, it will be allowing them to consider responding faster and be prepared for the fire. By having the building access details, you can rest assured about the knowledge regarding the hazardous material data, hydrant locations, as well as similar information that will be available readily. So the firefighters can go ahead with the equipment better prepared.


The high bandwidth connectivity will be allowing the EMS personal to always secure you. These systems work with accessing the electronic patient care records to understand the patient's medical history.

Utility mobile

Utility workers are always assisting during public safety emergencies, and for that, they remember that officers, firefighters, medics as well as citizens should be safe from Live power lines. It can ensure the increased connectivity, thus allowing them to ensure the improved time to respond to AirLink routers for public safety. You will get available public safety in-vehicle routers that are completely different from the usual routers for office use. Such purpose-built routers ensure survival in extreme environments. The innovative routers are specifically designed for handling bad temperature, extreme high moisture, high vibration as well as power functionalities. All of them will be perfect enough for delivering the VPN security and connecting over the multiple Carriers.

Security grade

You can get the ability for protecting the devices video feed and the Enterprises that are becoming more important than ever. The AirLink routers, including the VPN device authentication, port-level segmentation, as well as the fire was control, and the MAC address filtering is the best.

Get the scope for the Sierra Wireless AirLink connector manager that will be providing advanced security by delivering complete end-to-end solutions. You will be getting the availability of physical all the virtual appliances.

Highlight on the AirLink Network Management Solutions

You can get the availability of the Sierra wireless that will be offering the complete range of them AirLink network system for the management available in the cloud or on-premises. Also, solutions will be enabling the organisations to consider remotely monitoring, configuring and controlling the connected AirLink. The gateways and the routers are associated with that. There are also third-party devices with their applications that will be deployed in the critical infrastructure with the distributed Enterprises and vehicles.

Highlight on the in the cloud AirLink Management Service

With advanced reporting and analytics, you can get the availability of the URL link Management Service that will be the service cloud-based Network and the Asset Management solution. It's about you, but the air registration, configuration, as well as a software update available for the Gateway and router can also ensure the signal strength development with the Network Technology and location to be remotely monitored. Management of the entire network while helping the maintenance of the connectivity is one of the many benefits; the dashboards always show the up-to-date throughout the entire deployment, while the custom alerts can also be set up for monitoring and reporting the critical event. It can ensure the prevention of downtime while increasing efficiency. You can get the availability of the advanced reporting and analytics system that will be aiding the advanced historical reporting capabilities while providing a series of predefined reports and delivering deep insight into the range of the telemetry data. It gets reported to the advanced reporting and analytics units using the AirLink router as a gateway.

Highlight on the in the enterprise AirLink manager and AirLink mobility manager

All of these units will be the perfect unit that will be designed specifically for both fixed and mobile mission-critical applications. You can get the availability of the AirLink manager as well as the AirLink mobility manager that will be the leading edge end to end network Management Solutions ensuring the simplified remote and real-time mass configuration. There are control and troubleshooting units for the connected asset.

Highlight on the mobile multi-network security

You can get the availability of the AirLink connection manager at that is the mobile optimised VPN server designed for working with the Gateway and router. Overall it will be functioning for the extension of the enterprise network to the vehicle and consolidating the security onto the single platform. They are all connected devices and applications in the empirical area network.


You can rest assured that the need for VPN software clients for individual devices and applications is now eliminated. Overall there is simplified deployment allowing the organisations to ensure retaining the management control over network access and the mobile assets. It can ensure the reduction of the cost of ensuring data security significantly.