Top 10 Accounting Masters Degree Courses In The UK

Top 10 Accounting Masters Degree Courses In The UK

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In a higher study programme, an accounting master degree course set a strong career path for students in business and finance. Students can pursue accounting degree programmes from entry-level to master degrees.

The accounting master degree courses are designed to teach students how to audit, sort, classify, and record financial information, transactions, and presenting financial reports and analyses. This helps to determine the financial stability and profitability of an organization.

Followings are the top 10 accounting master degree courses for your choice:

1) London School of Economics and Political Science

This course is perfectly suitable in terms of accounts and finance. It covers corporate finance, accounting, financial reporting, strategy and control.

2) University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers 1 year full-time MSc in Accounting that helps students to take a leading role in Accounting and Finance at an advanced level.

3) University of Warwick

This 1-year full-time international programme includes the following models such as corporate financial management, investment, asset pricing, financial reporting, and financial statement analysis.

4) Imperial College London

Imperial College of London offers MSc in accounting and finance. This programme creates great opportunities for those who are interested in working as bankers or investors in the finance industry.

5) University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is offering its MSc in accounting and finance that aims to specialize in the financial industry as a financial analyst.

6) Cardiff University

After developing the basic understanding and principles of accounting and finance, students at Cardiff University can focus to specialize in international accounting and finance.

7) City University of London

The City university of London provides a full-time one year MSc in international accounting and finance that helps to develop the knowledge and skills for better career growth in the financial and banking sectors.

8) Lancaster University

This one-year master degree programme covers international financial standards that help to gain more extensive knowledge of accounting practices and financial management.

9) Brunel University London

The course programme of Brunel University London is designed to learn necessary skills in accounting, planning, corporate finance, and management control to all types of businesses.

10) Durham University

Durham University offers a 1-year full-time course programme that enables students to start their careers to become certified public accountants. With this programme, students can specialize in any subjects like accounting, auditing, and finance.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to progress their career in the financial industries as an accountant. With its excellence in an academy in higher education, UK colleges and universities provide the most prestigious accounting master degree programme worldwide.