Why Good Health Is Important

Why Good Health Is Important

makerShekhar Chugh createdon30-05-2019

What is Health? The physical and mental well being is known as health. If you are physically and mentally fit, then only we can say that u have good health.

In comparison to traditional times, where persons live for around 80-100 years, modern day person only live upto 60 years. It means that we are not living a healthy life. We are not getting a right amount of carbohydrates, a right amount of proteins, a right amount of fats and a right amount of minerals. For maintaining a balanced diet, we need all these things.

Most of these things come from fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, chicken, pulses and nuts. Water is another essential thing that is required for maintaining a healthy diet. But, in the 21st century, neither are we eating healthy foods nor are we drinking a specific amount of water. We are just eating fast foods that contain several additives, preservatives, toppings and what not

As a result, we are getting prone to diseases such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, loss of blood, over weight, heart and kidney diseases. Modern day human beings do not care about their health during 25-35 years of their age and because of this they face problems and diseases after reaching above 35.

Even the children fail to perform physical activities these days. They spend the most of their time on smartphones or smart devices. Because of all these practices, they not only face eyesight problems but also acquire heart and kidney diseases. As a result, we are not viewing a bright future. Our India is lacking behind because we are not getting effective and accurate youth.

We need to change the situation. Something has to be done. A proper health awareness should be given to children. In the education, there need to be a special subject on health. With the help of awareness, children can learn what specific things are to done and which exercises need to be done.

Summing Up

It is very rightly said “Health is Wealth”. Without good health, a person cannot enjoy all the riches in his/her life. In the present century, we are experiencing more and more diseases in children, teenagers as well as adults. The modern century person do not consume a healthy diet i.e. the diet that contains right amount of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. As a result, he is losing efficiency and fail to perform activities at the best level

Therefore, it is very important to have/maintain a good health so that we not only can effectively work with our family but can also work for the nation. Eat Healthy, Live Healthy.